Paul Wolffram – Producer/Director

Paul is a filmmaker who has made a number of feature documentary films in the Pacific Region. His films have won him national and international recognition including the Society of Visual Anthropology’s “Jean Rouch Award” for collaborative film making in the film “Stori Tumbuna – Ancestors’ Tales”. Paul Lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife Victoria and two children Harper and Millie.

Luke Frater – Cinematographer

Luke has worked as a freelance cinematographer and camera operator for the past 8 years based in Wellington, New Zealand. Luke has a distinctive cinematic eye and a commitment to creating emotive images. This is the second feature documentary project that Luke has undertaken with Paul Wolffram as director. Luke’s work on “Voices of the Land” (Wolffram 2014) won him recognition with a shared “Best Cinematography Award” at the Nepal International Film Festival and nominations for “Best Cinematography” at the Moa’s New Zealand Film Awards.

Mary-Lou Harris – Assistant Producer

Mary-Lou has a worked as a producer and production coordinator in radio, television and film over the last 6 years. She began her career working for TVNZ as a Researcher and writer, and moved on to script editing on TVNZ morning shows. Mary-Lou now works at Radio New Zealand as a producer and production coordinator.

Annie Collins – Supervising Editor

Annie Collins is known for her work on The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) Out of the Blue (2006), Shopping (2013), Gardening with Soul (2013) to name just a few of the films she has edited. Annie has a very intuitive and distinctive approach to her editing work. She has worked as an advisor and mentor on this project since 2014.